Fort Harrison Honors Returning National Guard


by Joe Biega

Several members of the National Guard returned home to Fort Harrison in Helena to a heroes welcome ceremony. Fort Harrison in Helena held a special ceremony today called Welcome Back Warriors to honor Montana members of the National Guard.

“It’s just a way of saying thanks to the solders who answered the call and deployed in support of our national defense,” says Brigadier General Neil Black.

Each of these men and women have been deployed, fought and worked for our freedom, now they have returned home as the treasure state welcomes them with open arms.

“Incredibly proud the reserve component here in Montana maybe the best in the country and that’s not brag that’s fact. These folks do an incredible job and they do an incredible job user difficult conditions and they do it flawlessly. And so we need to be very proud as Montanans and as Americans of the sacrifice that these folks have given us wether it is in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere around the world really or even here in this country we need to be very proud,” explains Senator Jon Tester.

One of the reservist being recognized is Staff Sergeant Keith Sanders who had just returned to a heroes welcome from his duties over in Afghanistan.

“You know the welcome home ceremony has hit it right on the head and you can tell there is a lot of senior leaders and people that have been there before and have experience the dramatic experience of getting back together with your family a lot of good workers spoke, a lot of good advice was given,” says Staff Sergeant Sanders.

For Staff Sergeant Sanders, his holiday got a little brighter this year as he will get to spend it with his family.

“You know I got to tell you its a little sweeter this year then it probably was any other time in my life time. You know you realize when you get home you see how your family has changed and matured and its just a great time to appreciate what you have,” says Staff Sergeant Sanders.