Jon Tester explains how ADF's facility improves Economy


Freedom Towers where the World Trade Centers were at, they have down quite a few big projects Detroit Lions Football Stadium, Baltimore Ravens Football Stadium, Miami Dade International Airport.

$23 million plus a 91,000 square foot building gives ADF, a Canadian based steel fabrication company, a new start here in Great Falls.

ADF is nearing completion of their new building here in Montana, but it doesn’t stop with this expansion they will continue to phase two.

“Phase two where we will start building a forty five thousand square foot paint shop where we sand blast fabricated pieces that come out of the shop.” said Construction Manager Bob Reiman.

The best part of the construction and expansion here in Great Falls is that ADF is giving the opportunity for not only hundreds but a thousand of new careers.

“250 jobs right now, received over 2,000 applications for those jobs in five years we want to be up to a 1,000 employees.”

Senator Jon Tester stopped by the ADF plant to see the progress on the construction and what this business will be bringing to the community.

“It is pretty impressive I mean not only the size of it because it is a huge building, but the equipment and what they are going to be doing there, and I think this really gives a great hope for Great Falls area and Northcentral Montana. These guys are going to be employing a lot of people.” said Senator Jon Tester.

Senator Jon Tester said says ADF’s construction and expansion here in Great Falls is a prime example for other businesses looking to move here in Montana.

“Businesses are going to go somewhere where they can be successful, I think all over Montana and Northcentral Montana is no exception it is a place where businesses can start up and grow and spread out and expand and grow and create more and more good paying jobs.” continued Tester.

When building and expanding the already global company here Great Falls, not only will it bring careers for Montanans, but it will boost the economy for the whole state.

“This kind of money once it comes into the state circulates, circulates, and circulates and really helps drive a bigger economy so you start out with this business, but it’s impacts spread throughout the state.”

Phase one is planned to be finished this Winter, and phase two is planned to begin in March of 2014.