Salazar Responds to Questions About National Monuments in Montana


Over the past week, we've been telling you about that leaked memo that proposed a national monument in northeastern Montana. Today, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said any plans have been put on hold.

Senator Jon Tester questioned Salazar during a senate hearing today about that leaked Interior Department memo. It listed possible ideas for monument designations, including 2.5 million acres of land in the northeastern part of our state.

Salazar also dispelled false rumors of land purchases near the Missouri River Breaks.

At today’s hearing Tester asked, "There has also been talk about possible land agreements along the Missouri River breaks. Some folks are fired up about the Department coming in and actively planning to pursue purchases along the Missouri River in the Breaks region. Do you know is this something that's real or is this something that is not real? Is the department planning on buying land in the Breaks?"

Salazar responded, "I am not aware that there is any such plan."

Tester also received a commitment from Salazar to seek local public input on any public lands decisions. Salazar says public land management should be driven by local communities and elected leaders.