Tester Looks to Overturn Dirt Bike Ban


Currently, it is illegal to sell dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles that are designed for children under 12. Senator Jon Tester is trying to change that with new legislation.

At Sports City Cyclery in Great Falls, motor sports enthusiasts can often find and purchase the motorcycle or all terrain vehicle of their dreams, unless, however, they happen to be looking to buy one for a child under 12.

"At the moment our customers are more upset than we are," said Sports City Owner Dan Dailey.

Last fall, president Bush signed into law the Consumer Product Safety Act. The act forced motorsports dealers to stop selling dirt bikes and ATVs for kids, because they contain internal unsealed lead parts. For the past month, dealers have been unable to sell or even show these vehicles. Monday, Senator Jon Tester introduced legislation to reverse this ban, and allow dirt bike sales for children.

Sports City says the impact has been noticeable, having missed out on the sale of about seven bikes in the passed month, due to this ban.

Dan Dailey and Dean Gaskins of Sports City say lead in motorbikes are not a safety hazard, as the lead is contained internally in the bike, and could not realistically be ingested by a child.

If Senator Tester's legislation passes, bike enthusiasts will again be allowed to purchase motorcycles and ATV's for children under 12.