Senator Tester visits YouthBuild Helena

Beartooth NBC

by Charlie Misra

Senator Jon Tester paid a visit to the young men and women of YouthBuild Helena Tuesday.

Tester met with members of the group, and toured the home they are building at Glacier Point Loop. YouthBuild Helena primarily serves at risk youth by teaching them trade skills and providing them with another chance at secondary education.

Tester says he’s impressed by the amount of progress the group has made with the house, considering they started building it less than one month ago.

Sen. Jon Tester says “It really shows that the leaders of this project know what they’re doing and they know what to teach the kids. There’s many hands here working. And if they all have an idea of what to do, things can happen pretty rapidly. They’re talking about having this house done by May, working through the winter. There’s no about in my mind that that’ll be the case.”

Tester says he’s confident the group will learn plenty of life skills through the YouthBuild Helena program.