Senate Blocks Transfer of F15 For at Least 6 Months


The Senate blocked the Air Force from relocating the Montana Air National Guard’s F15’s.

Saturday’s action ensures that the mission and the fighter planes will remain in Great Falls into 2013.

The provision passed as part of a larger bill aimed to keep the government operating into next year.

Saturday’s vote means the plan to keep the F15s in Montana for at least six more months will become law.

The President has indicated he will sign the bill.

Tester and fellow Montana Senator Max Baucus have long-pressed key Defense Department officials to keep the F15’s in Great Falls unless another manned flying mission could be found that benefits the state and keeps jobs in Great Falls

“The bill that we passed around 1:00AM this morning is going to ensure that the F15 stay in Great Falls well into next year and I think it’s a step in the right direction and really takes it out of the hands of the Pentagon and makes it a congressional issue that we’ve dealt with in a very positive way so the Pentagon can’t change it on a whim so it clearly demonstrates the Congress’s commitment to the Montana Air National Guard,” says Senator Tester.

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