Tester Talks Tough On Wall Street Bail Out


A new amendment in Washington, DC would immediately stop bailout money from streaming to Wall Street.

A group of bipartisan Senators is working on the measure.  It would put the brakes on the $700 billion dollar bailout that congress agreed to in 2008.

Senator Jon Tester co-sponsored the legislation.

Sen. Jon Tester/(D) Montana:  "It's time to end this bailout now and make sure Wall Street works for Main Street instead of the other way around.  This measure would help lower our national debt. For me, it's an important step as we work together to get our fiscal house in order."

The amendment to stop the Wall Street Bailout is part of a larger bill to raise the U.S. Debt ceiling.  Tester's office says that without raising the debt ceiling, critical services like military salaries and retirement pay, Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits would have to be stopped.

"I'm as furious and frustrated as anyone about the debt this county's run up in the last decade, but I'm not about to take it out on our military, seniors and veterans," Tester said.  "Instead, I'm going to keep focusing on common sense ways to cut spending, to create jobs, and to get our economy out of the ditch.  That's why I support ending a bailout that should have never happened in the first place."

To read the full announcement from Senator Jon Tester's Office, click below:

Tester Votes to end Wall Street Bailout