Tester to reintroduce Dirt Bike bill


by Mark Holyoak

U.S. Senator Jon Tester plans to reintroduce his "Dirt Bike Bill" when the Senate reconvenes on Tuesday.

The legislation would amend the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 to allow dealers to again sell dirt bikes, ATVs, and parts for use by children.

The goal of that act was to keep dangerous products, like toys with high levels of lead, out of the hands of children but the law forced many dealers to stop selling dirt bikes and ATVs for use by children.

Because of that, some parents allow their kids to ride larger, adult-sized motorcycles and ATVs.

"We've got to protect our kids from dangerous risks like leaded toys that they can put in their mouths, but we also need some Montana common sense to differentiate a dollhouse from a dirt bike," Tester said. "In Montana and across rural America, riding motorized vehicles is part of the outdoor heritage we enjoy with our kids and grandkids, and I'm proud to take up this fight for common sense again."

Tester is the new chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus. He originally introduced his bill in 2009, but all pending legislation expired in December and must be reintroduced.