Lawmakers turn out in support of Bozeman


Lawmakers close to home and around the state are showing their support for Bozeman after a Thursday morning explosion rocked the city's downtown, destroying a handful of businesses and damages several others.

Senator Jon Tester toured the site Friday afternoon. He said this is a significant event and his office will do what it can to help.

"These businesses got hit you know it's a tough time to get hit, with something like this. We'll try to look under every rock, we can find and try to find some other dollars, if they're out there, we'll find them. Try to get them back on their feet, but this is a, this is pretty devastating, right in the heart of Bozeman, it's hard to believe unless you see it," Tester said.

Tester had the opportunity to tour the damage as officials led him around the site of the explosion.

Tester also wanted to commend all the hard working emergency officials during this unprecedented event.

Senator Max Baucus said Thursday that he was shocked to learn about the explosion but has full confidence in the emergency crews responding and prays that no one was hurt.

"Right now, my staff and I are working quickly to gather more information and determine where the federal government might be of assistance in this matter," Baucus said.

Congressman Denny Rehberg sends his thoughts and prayers to friends and families impacted by the explosion.

"I stand ready to work with Max, Jon and folks in the Bozeman community to help in any way I can," Rehberg said.

With the businesses we've told you about leveled in that block of East Main..the economic impact is unknown right now.      

Bozeman Mayor Kaaren Jacobsen is thinking ahead on business downtown.

"I'm really concerned with the person that's missing and my heart and prayers go out to that person and their family. The whole thing is tragic. We had five good businesses down there and it's a blow to downtown and the community. Our downtown is our jewel and we need to find the funds from the state and federal funds to get those businesses on their feet again and up and running," Jacobsen said.

The city is staffing a phone for people impacted by Thursday's explosion. The number – 582-2300 – can be called until midnight.