Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Appreciative of efforts to make state a tech hub

by Luke Mauritsen

One lesson we’re learning from the events and geopolitics of the last few years is that our supply chains are fragile. As a result, two trends are occurring; diversification of suppliers is increasing, and supply chains are shortening. This means rural America has an increasingly critical role to play in technology development and manufacturing for future industries.

Here in the state of Montana we have two senators who are champions for fostering technology development and good jobs. Sen. Steve Daines has been a strong supporter in the photonics industry, and Sen. Jon Tester is leading the charge to bring a globally recognized regional tech hub to Montana.

Now as global competition heats up with China and other nations, Montana possesses the capabilities to be a critical asset for our future quantum supply chain. From the MonArk Quantum Foundry at Montana State University growing fundamental quantum materials, to the University of Montana receiving the nation’s highest research designation, to Montana Tech’s continued leadership on material development our state is positioned to build some of the most essential supply chain technologies of the future. That means great jobs for technicians, engineers and high-tech production across the state, and not just in Bozeman — but across all of Montana where the cost of doing business is lower.

Sen. Tester leads the charge for bringing a tech hub to Montana, and earlier this year he brought folks from these institutions and the business community together in Missoula, to convince the Biden Administration that Montana is the ideal location for a regional tech hub.

Because of the hard work of many, Montana possesses some of the most critical capabilities for building the supply chains of tomorrow’s industries, and I appreciate Sen. Tester’s effort to build on this, bringing a tech hub to the Treasure State.

Luke Mauritsen


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