Tester Helps Secure $5,000,000 to Support Montana Farmers in the Golden Triangle

USDA Loan Will Expand Agriculture Processing Facility, Create Rural Jobs

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester partnered with local producers to help secure a $5,000,000 loan from the USDA Rural Development Program to support local agriculture producers.

The loan was granted to Pardue Grain, Inc. to finance an upgraded pulse crop processing facility. The facility will sort, size, bag and clean food product in Cut Bank.

“This funding will not only support current farmers in North Central Montana, it will create new, good paying jobs,” said Tester. “Agriculture is the backbone of Big Sky Country and I’m glad to see the USDA recognize hard working Montanans and provide new opportunities for rural Montana.”

The new pulse crop processing center is expected to add eight new jobs and will be available to local farmers.

“Pardue Grain is going to be able to increase Montana producers’ access to foreign and domestic markets for value-added and Montana-branded products. Pardue Grain is creating jobs and paying higher wages on the Blackfeet Reservation and in Glacier County,” said Roger Sammons, owner of Pardue Grain. “I gladly thank Senator Jon Tester and all of Montana’s state and federal legislators who support this program and the good it does for our community by creating jobs and paying higher wages in the region.”

The project will be located along the rail line west of Cut Bank and within the boundaries of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

“The Blackfeet Nation congratulates Roger Sammons and Pardue Grain, Inc. for obtaining this loan guarantee and we look forward to continuing our partnership to provide adequate wage jobs, enhance business and increase opportunities on the Reservation and Glacier County,” said Blackfeet Chairman Harry Barnes. “The Tribe thanks Senator Tester for his persistent hard work, support and encouragement to spur the agriculture industry in our area.”

The USDA Rural Development Program will provide a loan of $5,000,000 towards the total $6,400,000 cost of upgrading the crop processing facility.